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Lighting Tower Hire Berkshire

Lighting towers can be a very versatile source of lighting in Berkshire. Able to illuminate any outdoor events or worksites with ease, a good site lighting tower can provide consistent lighting in nearly any location.

At Lighting Tower Hire, we specialise in providing lighting towers that can fit a range of purposes in Berkshire. But who are we, and what do we do?

Who Are Lighting Tower Hire?

We at Lighting Tower Hire are a specialist Berkshire lighting tower hire team with a range of different lighting towers on offer, each one suitable for a variety of tasks. We aim to provide some of the best lighting towers available and beyond.

We can work with customers of any type and size, providing the right lighting towers for their needs based on things like location, project scope, and safety requirements. Every one of our tower lights is meant to be efficient and reliable, regardless of circumstances.

As experts in the field of lighting solutions, we work with each client to make sure that they hire the best tower lights for their needs. Our specialists can lend their knowledge to each customer, helping them install and double-check suitable lighting towers.

Why Choose Lighting Tower Hire?

At Lighting Tower Hire, we try to offer the best lighting towers on the market in Berkshire. Our lighting tower hire options are highly flexible and can be adjusted to each client’s needs, helping them get the tower lights that their current project requires.

We take into account things like prices, the number of units required and the overall efficiency of the lighting towers to get customers the option that fits them best. Like any lighting solution, finding the right options can really make a difference.

Over 10 Years Experience in Lighting Tower Hire Berkshire

As a Berkshire company, we have over 20 years of experience under our belt, and countless satisfied Lighting Tower Hire customers supporting our work. We have installed thousands of tower lights all across the UK, working with clients of highly varied sizes and requirements.

Our expertise allows us to find the right lighting towers for each customer’s needs, providing illumination solutions that match each of their goals.

Nationwide Tower Light Delivery

Operating all across the UK, we can provide lighting to a huge variety of densely-populated and remote locations.

Our team are fully prepared to handle lighting tower hire anywhere in the UK and can deliver essential lighting solutions to each customer as needed.

No Minimum Hire Duration

We provide no minimum hire duration, allowing Berkshire customers to get this lighting equipment for as little or as long as they need it.

We understand that illumination is not always a long-term requirement, and we can offer lighting towers for short spans of time to cover outdoor events and gatherings.

Types of Tower Lights We Offer

As professionals in the world of lighting tower hire, we provide a variety of different tower lights for specific situations. While all of our tower lights are chosen for their quality and efficiency, the kind you choose depends on the illumination that you require.

We work with each client to recommend the right lighting solutions for their situation, whether that is to cover an outdoor event site or to illuminate construction sites.

Battery Light Towers Berkshire

Our battery tower lighting hire choices are great for having rechargeable illumination options, requiring no direct connection to a fuel source to run them. This is perfect for situations where you may not have consistent access to electricity or fuel.

The Pros of Battery Tower lights

Battery tower lights are able to be recharged, meaning that you can charge up a unit ahead of time. Once charged up, it can provide lighting without needing to be connected to a fuel source.

This can be great for short-term use in remote locations or in situations where towers are needed in short but regular bursts with no consistent access to a generator or electrical supply.

The Cons of Battery Tower Lights

A battery site lighting tower often relies on the battery, meaning that you will need to charge it up regularly. You may also not have a way to directly power the light – meaning they will not be as useful for long-term lighting in remote locations.

Diesel Light Towers Berkshire

Diesel lighting towers are robust and reliable pieces of equipment and can illuminate an outdoor space very effectively without needing an electrical connection. As a tower hire option, they are perfect for lighting a space properly, no matter its location.

The Pros of Diesel Tower Lights

Diesel lighting towers are ideal as an outdoor site lighting tower hire option, providing easy lighting in spaces where power could be a concern. Not only do these not require generators to work, but they can be a more efficient option in very isolated locations.

The Cons of Diesel Tower Lights

Diesel lighting towers are not as useful on a construction site (or any other project) where electricity is readily available. While they are still usable, their main benefit of being easily powered in any location does not really apply.

Electric Light Towers Berkshire

Our electric tower lighting hire options are perfect for getting efficient lighting towers that do not rely on liquid fuel. This can be great for spaces that have access to power already, such as sports stadiums or dedicated outdoor events areas.

The Pros of Electric Tower Lights

Electric tower lights can be easily powered on any construction site or other space where electricity is readily available. This allows for mains-powered lights that do not require physical fuel, letting you illuminate outdoor spaces very effectively.

The Cons of Electric Tower Lights

Mains-powered lights naturally require the mains to function or a generator of some kind. This means that mains-powered lights are not practical in remote rural locations or construction sites that do not have easy access to electricity

LED Light Towers Berkshire

An LED lighting tower hire provides a portable way to light a space, as well as being more efficient than some other options. This can help you provide construction sites with efficient but powerful illumination, saving energy without reducing the lighting itself.

The Pros of LED Tower Lights

LED lighting towers are very good at providing light across a range of situations and can illuminate a whole site very easily. The high efficiency also means less money spent on lighting, letting you deliver essential light for less money throughout the tower’s lifespan.

LED lighting also lasts a lot longer than other options, meaning that you can get almost three times the hours out of a tower as a whole. While this does not matter much for hire options, it can lead to lower hire costs overall due to towers needing fewer replacements.

The Cons of LED Tower Lights

Our LED towers are mostly limited by the same problems as other site lighting tower options, as well as needing an outside power source to function. They also do not always have the best light quality, meaning that they are not always practical for major outdoor events.

Solar Powered Light Towers Berkshire

Our solar lighting towers are great for keeping a space lit efficiently, using solar energy to keep your lights charged. This makes them incredibly good for long-term lighting in places where getting a consistent supply of power and fuel would not be easy.

The Pros of Solar Tower lights

These eco tower lights have one obvious benefit above all others, and that is the fact that they recharge in sunlight. This can become incredibly useful in a variety of situations, providing on-site tower lighting that will recharge during the day – as well as reducing costs dramatically.

This is not just useful for construction sites but any outdoor events or gatherings where having light every night matters. Recharging lights can be more efficient when transporting fuel, or setting up a generator would be too difficult to be practical.

The Cons of Solar Tower Lights

The natural downside of these solar eco tower lights is that they need solar power to function and cannot be powered in other ways. This means that you will need to recharge the light before an outdoor event, and you cannot simply plug them into a battery.

Even in solar lighting towers where you can use outside power sources, you still need to think about efficiency. These are only efficient lighting towers when using solar power since that is what they are designed to do.

Mini Tower Light Berkshire

Mini tower lights are smaller lights used in smaller spaces or for smaller outdoor events. These provide illumination in a smaller frame, but some still offer equal lighting potential to a full-sized lighting tower.

The Pros of Mini Tower Lights

The smaller frames of these mini lighting towers make them perfect as compact lighting, working well as a small site lighting tower. They can even become an indoor site lighting tower when necessary due to the units being much lower to the ground.

The Cons of Mini Tower Lights

There are not really any direct disadvantages to these units since they are generally just regular site lighting tower units that have been scaled down.

Of course, if you pick a smaller unit, you get less height than a standard model, which could make it worse for an outdoor event in a wide-open space. Choosing the right light for each site is essential, and this is no exception.

Lighting Mast Berkshire

A listing mast provides light to a site in all directions, covering an entire outdoor event or construction site. They are essentially lighting towers but with multiple lights pointed at various angles.

The Pros of Mast Tower Lights

Mast tower lights are perfect for lighting up an entire construction site, providing maximum safety by illuminating the whole site area around the tower. They also provide excellent utility and can be used in a variety of on-site situations.

The Cons of Mast Tower Lights

The main disadvantage of these towers is that you can’t usually turn off the individual lights, which means that the costs of running a unit are always going to be higher. This tends to also mean lower power efficiency overall.

Tower LightsTrime X-ECO LED Tower Light
Trime X-CHAIN LED Tower Light
Trime X-SOLAR Hybrid Tower Light
Trime X-HYBRID Tower Light
Trime X-CITY Tower Light
Trime X-POWER Tower Light
Atlas Copco HiLight Tower Lights
Doosan Portable Power LSC Tower Lights
JCB LED Lighting Towers
Generac V20 Lighting Tower
Chicago Pneumatic CPLT V3 LED Lighting Tower
Himoinsa Lighting Towers
Illumin8 LED Tower Lights
Denyo DCA Solar LED Tower Light
X-ECO LED Tower Light

Lighting Tower Hire Cost Berkshire

The cost to hire a tower light can vary heavily depending on the type. A simple tower costs anywhere from £200 a week to over £400, with some more specialised units costing even more money per week.

Our Costs

We try to keep our equipment costs as fair as possible in Berkshire, making sure that construction groups and other customers can hire the equipment they need at a reasonable price point.

If you want an example of the expected costs for any equipment we offer on our site, contact our experts to learn more.

Type of Tower LightEstimated Cost Range (Approx.)
Battery Light Tower£50 – £150 per day
Diesel Light Towers£70 – £200 per day
Electric Light Towers£60 – £180 per day
LED Light Towers£70 – £220 per day
Solar Powered Light Towers£80 – £250 per day
Mini Tower Light£40 – £120 per day
Lighting Mast£100 – £300 per day

What is the Cheapest Way to Hire a Tower Light?

The cheapest form of lighting tower hire can be a hard thing to pin down since each lighting tower falls under different price points.

If you need help finding lighting tower hire equipment that falls within your budget, contact our experts for an example of what we can offer and some guidance towards lighting towers that fit your financial limits.

Trailer Mounted Lighting Towers

Some events in Berkshire require lighting towers to be moved across a site or from one site to another site.

We can offer a range of trailer-mounted lighting tower hire equipment, allowing for easy movement from site to site with maximum safety considerations.

Tower Light Benefits

Our Berkshire light towers are designed to provide lighting with as much efficiency, safety and reliability as possible.

We provide a range of tower lights to suit each site and situation, taking into account things like safety concerns, the duration of events, and the lighting types that would suit the events in question.

Tower Light Uses

Our lighting tower hire options can suit a variety of purposes at various events, as well as being able to suit each individual site, including the following;

  • Construction site floodlights
  • Sporting event floodlights
  • Music festival floodlights
  • Mining floodlights
  • Roadwork floodlights
  • Open-air event floodlights
  • Railroad track floodlights
  • Wind tower floodlights
  • Tunnel floodlights

Buy a Tower Light

If you are interested in buying one of our Berkshire tower lights or choosing one of our lighting tower hire options, then do not be afraid to contact our experts to learn more about what we can offer.

We can suggest lighting towers for every site, a range of events, or to suit particular safety requirements that you might have in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tower lights used for?

Lighting towers have a range of uses, regardless of the site or events they are meant to illuminate.

There are countless example of purposes that these lights have been able to fill, from the outdoor stage and stadium lighting to providing illumination for important construction projects.

What is the brightest light tower?

We provide a huge range of lighting tower options, some of which are designed specifically for bright lighting.

While we offer a varied range of light towers, it is important to look at individual categories rather than just one option. Each category of tower works differently, so it is important to look at the brightest in each subtype.

How long do tower lights last?

A typical light tower can last anywhere from 7,000 to 20,000 hours under normal conditions. Of course, this depends heavily on the kind of tower you are using.

In the interest of safety, we can break down the lifespans of each tower type, making sure that you choose the right one for events – especially if you are hiring for long-term use.

How much fuel does a lighting tower use?

Every type of lighting tower uses a different amount of fuel. However, in general, a single generator can power up to 8 towers at once, each consuming 1/4 of a litre per hour.

This is only a general example and a standard measurement – different towers can consume more or less than this baseline.

How many tower lights do I need?

The amount of lighting tower hire options you need will depend on the size of your site, as well as any safety and lighting standards at that particular event.

More lights are often better than less, especially where safety and visual clarity are important.

How many hours is too much for a light tower?

Going more than 1.5x a tower’s expected lifespan can be a problem, even in ideal conditions. Always make sure you know how long towers can last, and talk with our experts if you want to know more.


We can offer a huge range of lighting tower options for all kinds of sites and events in Berkshire, providing lighting and safety to wide-open spaces.

We have a huge variety of towers available for hire, so do not be afraid to contact our specialists to learn more about what we can offer you.

What Our Customers Say

"I recently used Lighting Tower Hire for a construction project in Manchester and was impressed by their high-quality equipment and professional service. The team was responsive and efficient, making the rental process easy and stress-free. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of reliable lighting tower hire."
Olivia Smith
"I've been working with Lighting Tower Hire for over a year now and I can't recommend them enough. They always have the latest equipment and provide great customer service, whether I need advice on which tower to rent or help with delivery and setup. They're a pleasure to work with and have become an essential part of our event team."
James Brown
"We used Lighting Tower Hire for an emergency flood response project and were blown away by their fast turnaround time and excellent customer service. The team went above and beyond to ensure we had the right lighting equipment for our needs and even helped with setup and installation. We'll definitely be using them again in the future."
Emily Jones

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